Food Safety You Can Trust

Unsafe food causes more than 200 diseases. So it’s natural that people who buy, serve, and eat our products want to know that our product is contamination-free. Our company reputation depends on reliable food, and taking a proactive approach to food safety is a driving force behind all of our production operations.

Our food safety and security programs include the following:

Standard Operating Procedures

All employees follow strict guidelines for food production. Our goal is to eliminate issues before contamination happens. We actively look for problems so that we can take care of them and avoid exposing customers.

Facility Design

Our food production campus separates raw and ready-to-eat products and personnel.


The USDA requires production plant testing twice a week. However, we know that bacteria can grow quickly. We test our processes every hour with an independent laboratory. Our aggressive microbiological sampling program tests for pathogenic organisms in the production environment and with the finished product. All of our products are on ‘Micro-Hold’ until cleared for shipping by the laboratory.

Quality Assurance Software

Each production run is compared to real-time statistical control data that ensures compliance. Employees monitor the process and data with ready access to the Standard Operating Procedure manuals and electronic specification requirements.

Supplier Audits

John Soules Foods audits all suppliers, and we examine all products before it goes into production.


Food Safety Promise

  • Exceed USDA mandates with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Bio-security plans
  • Use fully-accredited laboratory services (A2LA) with only AOAC-approved methods to monitor food safety
  • Maintain BRC certification (all facilities received an ‘AA’ for 2020 & 2019), an international standard that demonstrates the highest level of food safety competence

Food Safety Documents

BRC Certificate (Tyler)
BRC Certificate (Aviation)
BRC Certificate (Valley)
John Soules Foods Program Description Letter