Mega Southwest

Protein Type



  • 1 Lb Inside Skirt 
  • 8 oz Fully Cooked Red Spanish Rice
  • 15 oz Fully Cooked Refried Beans
  • 4 Fried Jalapenos
  • 8 oz Southwest Tortilla Strips
  • 4 oz Cilantro Lime Crema
  • 6 oz Guacamole
  • 8 oz Pico De Gallo
  • 6 XL Flour Tortillas
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Heat a large flat skillet on the stove over medium-low heat. Warm the tortillas in the pan one at a time until they become more pliable, about 30 secs per side. The first layer will be the refried beans. Take a few spoonsful of refried beans and spread it in a line in the middle of the burrito leaving a about a 1-inch gap at each end of the line. Next do the same with the rice.

Inside skirt for the next layer. Pico de Gallo, guac, crema, fried jalapenos, and tortilla strips come next along with your choice of pepper sauce. 

Roll your burrito: Next reheat the same pan you used for warming the tortillas over medium-high heat. Spray the pan with some non-stick spray or use a paper towel to wet the pan evenly with vegetable oil. Lay two to three burritos down into the pan flap side down. Checking the bottoms frequently, cook until you get a nice golden-brown crust. Spray the top of the burritos with non-stick spray or coat with a bit of oil and flip burritos over. Cook until light golden brown on this side.

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