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We Create Great Food THAT People Enjoy Eating

New food trends invite all of us to stretch beyond the basics and variety drives sales for retail, restaurants, and foodservice. Our Research and Development (R&D) Departments in Tyler, TX and Gainesville, GA use creativity, skills, and experience to take delectable meat to the next level. We strike a delicate balance between meat that stands alone and foods that allow for flexibility in the kitchen. John Soules Foods also works together with customers to match a current profile or develop a new creative solutions from scratch.

Relationships with leading spice blending, batter/breading, and functional ingredient companies let us be on the forefront of new ingredients, formulations, and technology. Development of each new creative idea provides variety for restaurants and foodservice distributors desires to expand menu choices.

Our Tyler, TX facility has a dedicated area for research and development. We test new equipment and conceptual ideas in an isolated environment yet simulate our production process so that a transition to full production is seamless. All along the way, food quality and food safety are our highest priorities.

R&D forges fresh ideas to create new flavors and respond to customer needs and requests. Excellent relationships with foodservice distributors, multi-unit national and regional restaurant groups, supermarket chains, and institutional businesses keep us on the forefront of the food production industry.

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Our Capabilities


Our foods can be used in limitless menu applications. WE STRIKE A BALANCE between meat that stands alone and foods that allow for flexibility in the kitchen.

We produce value-added meat through marination, breading, clean label ingredients, functional ingredients, and cutting / trimming.

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  • Fully Cooked Chicken Breasts (non-breaded)
    • Form: Strips, Diced, Pulled, Whole Fillets, Thinly Sliced Fillets, Portioned
    • Appearance: Customizable searing for color and texture (e.g., grill marks)
    • Cooking Methods: Grilled, Oven Roasted, Rotisserie, Flame Broiled
  • Fully Cooked Chicken Breasts (breaded)
    • Whole Muscle: Fillets, Strips, Bites / Boneless Wings
    • Made With Whole Muscle: Cutlets, Tenders, Nuggets, Popcorn
    • Chopped & Formed: Tenders, Patties, Nuggets, Shaped Nuggets
    • Breading: Dusted, Lightly Breaded, Breaded, Fritters, Tempura, Panko, Whole Grain
    • Flavor: Pre-Breading Marination, Breading Seasoning, Post-Breading Glaze
    • Customizable Grill Marks
  • Fully Cooked Beef
    • Cuts: Inside Skirt, Outside Skirt, Pectoral, Rib Lifter, Sirloin Flap, Brisket, Chuck Short Ribs
    • Form: Strips, Diced / Chunks
    • Cooking Methods: Grilled, Flame Broiled, Smoked, Cook-in-Bag
    • Customizable Grill Marks
    • Certified Angus Beef®
  • Fully Cooked Pork
    • Carnitas & Chashu
  • Raw Marinated Chicken & Beef
    • Chicken: Strips, Diced, Whole Fillets, Thinly Sliced Fillets, Portioned
    • Beef: Strips, Diced, Portioned


  • Create custom formulations
  • Match existing formulations
  • Reverse engineer to match an existing flavor profile

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