Raw Beef Choice Angus Rib Lifter, Split

Choice Angus Rib Lifter, Split

Item # 2065

  • Fully Cleaned and Trimmed
  • Neutral Flavor Profile
  • Ready-to-Grill, No Preparation Needed
  • Excellent Flavor, Marbling and Tenderness

Whole Angus Rib Lifter (also known as blade meat) is full of flavor and gluten free. This lean cut of meat is infused with a succulent solution that ensures a moist and tender texture. It’s perfect for a wide range of menu items: fajitas, carne asada, Philly cheese steak, country fried steak, Asian stir-fry, or Mongolian beef.

Case: 4/5lb Avg  |  ≈20lb  |  Catch Weight

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