Raw Beef Choice Angus Inside Skirt, Neutral

Choice Angus Inside Skirt, Neutral

Item # 2082

  • Fully Cleaned and Trimmed
  • Neutral Flavor Profile
  • Ready-to-Grill, No Preparation Needed
  • Excellent Flavor, Marbling and Tenderness

Choice Angus Beef Fajitas are packed with restaurant-quality flavor. Keep them ready and waiting in your freezer to serve a crowd or an individual serving. Made with USDA Choice beef, Angus Beef Fajitas take out all the prep time and seasoning guesswork. Mmmmm. Fajitas one night, quesadillas the next. Great for versatility.

Case: 4/5lb Avg  |  ≈20lb  |  Catch Weight 

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