Great Food, Made Simple®

John Soules Foods makes it easy to enjoy delicious food. We provide great tasting beef and chicken through retail sales, food service distributors, restaurants, and school nutrition programs. Customers love us for our simple-to-make, mouth-watering fajita products. In fact, we’re the #1 producer of beef and chicken fajitas in the U.S. But we’re so much more. Restaurant chefs and home cooks enjoy the versatility of fully cooked choices such as rotisserie chicken breast strips, grilled chicken breast strips, pulled chicken, and Certified Angus Beef® brand products. We also offer a full line of breaded chicken, ready-to-cook Angus beef and chicken, and fully cooked, antibiotic free chicken and beef strips.

Since 1975

Beginning as a family owned company in 1975 in Tyler, Texas, John Soules Foods grew quickly by selling ready-to-cook and fully cooked meat to the foodservice industry. We introduced beef and chicken fajita products, which provided an innovative way to combine flavor and convenience. Sales skyrocketed when retail distribution began in 2003 with great success.

Today, the Soules family still operates John Soules Foods. Our state-of-the-art facilities are on 67 acres just north of Tyler. In 2014, we acquired ProView Foods, a leader in breaded chicken products for school and institutional nutrition programs. Breaded chicken products are made and distributed from Gainesville, GA., which expands our variety of chicken products to all customers.

Safety and Innovation

John Soules Foods’ is committed to food safety. We rely on independent lab tests that exceed USDA requirements to ensure food quality. We also audit meat suppliers, examining all meat before it goes into production. As a leading provider of value-added chicken and beef products, we partner with food service providers and retailers to bring fresh ideas for products quickly to market. We make it a priority to be responsive to customer needs and requests for product development.