Our focus on Great Food, Made Simple makes John Soules Foods the top choice for retail grocers and food service providers.


John Soules Foods focuses on satisfying customer’s hunger for convenience. Seemingly small details like packaging make a big difference. The packaging must be flexible for fitting into a freezer with other food items. And a re-sealable strip makes it easy to grab what you want and leave the rest for another day.

When it’s time to make the meal, choose from super-quick microwaving to sizzling on the stove to conventional cooking in the oven. Whatever method you select, your meat is ready to eat in less than 10 minutes, tops.


We deliver on the promise of helping people pull together quick and easy meals. But the best part is the taste. Meat is all we do. So we lock in on just the right balance of seasonings for high quality marinated and precooked products. Flavor is the reason people keep John Soules’ beef and chicken ready in the freezer. And while old favorites like fajitas always have a place at the table, new taste trends keep mealtime options open.